Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Okay, TONIGHT is Group night!

Tonight is group night AND I posted an FO on the Scarf Style Blog! So excited!

Umm, there are only t-w-e-l-v-e days left until Christmas... yep, just 12. Not 14, not 21, 12. Anyone else panicking? I have two socks (not part of the same pair), one hat and a whole OTHER pair of socks to finish before the BIG DAY!

Eeek! I am NOT a fast knitter and one of the unfinished socks is the second sock for DH (9 sts per inch, ack)!

Pretty much once a day DH looks at me and says in his most playful voice, "Shouldn't you be knitting? Shouldn't you be knitting MY Christmas Present?" Now while he's being playful I know that he will be really disappointed if I don't finish his present by Christmas morning. So, I gotta get crackin'. I have about 4 inches left on the first foot and the whole second foot to fininsh with fancy cable pattern. That alone will take me 12 days.... sigh. I think I'm going to be a big knitting disaster this year.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Darn It!!

In my eagerness to meet with my knitting friends, I'm a week early this month for GROUP. It's next Tuesday night. :(

Alyssa was kind enough to let me know so that I didn't end up sitting at Border's by myself....

See you next week,


We're meeting at the Border's at Lake St. and Skokie Blvd. in Wilmette, IL, from 6:30 to 8:00. I hope you all can be there.

If you've never attended before and you'd like to, feel free to join us! There's no charge, no junk mail and as far as we can tell, no really icky people. We'd love to have you!

I'm thinking about the 27th, which is our next GROUP night. I'll be off of work and would love to meet, is anyone else going to be around???

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of the YUMMY, 750 thread count hand-embroidered sheets we bought in Italy.... mmmm.... soft.

Oh yeah, and Christmas knitting? Yeah. I'm working on it. BUT, I've been a delinquent and I haven't taken any pics of it since the lighting has been so cruddy. I've finally finished the Vintage Velvet scarf that was Kicking-My-Arse for so long thanks to Alyssa's lovely chart.

I'll bring it tonight and try to post pics this week. Right now I'm still working on DH's socks (those friggin' stitches are tiny) and I'm singing the Dory song from Nemo, "Just keep knittin', just keep knittin', just keep knittin' and knittin' along". I'm also working on another pair of socks that I can't show cause they're a surprise for a friend of mine who reads my blog. But they're out of this faboo Superwash Merino from ArtYarns in this yummy pink and brown combo. Soooo squishy! and they're almost a worsted weight yarn so they're keeping my desire for visible results satisfied.

Anyway, I really should go back to work now so, I'll see you tonight!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Finished, FINIshed, FINISHED!!

Okay, so I really finished them like two weeks ago and I meant to put a pic in my last post but I just plain forgot and that post was a picture intensive monster anyway.....

Right. So [drum roll, please...]


Sorry these pics are so dark! Yes, these are the socks that got a hole the size of a quarter eaten in the back of the 1st completed one, so they took me twice as long as they normally would have to finish.

This is me wearing The Socks to work!!

Have a lovely day!



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