Thursday, May 08, 2008

I got Tagged!

I got tagged by Alyssa. A dear friend of mine who up and abandoned our knitting group by moving to Oregon of all far away places and then went and had a baby that we can't cuddle and coo about in person! That's OK, I guess, we still love her anyway.

So here's the skinny:
The rules are:
*Link to the person that tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Share six weird things/habits/quirks about yourself.
*Tag six others. And let them know they’ve been tagged!

So, here are six weird things about me:
1. I love 80's Euro-pop. My brother and I are going to a Yaz concert in July!! I'm so excited!
2. I'm super picky about the food I eat. If it's not fresh, I'm a total snob.
3. Despite Ravelry's newest innovations, I've had my yarn stash cataloged in an excel spreadsheet for a long time now.
4. I make homeade veggie smoothies and I put beets and cabbage in them and I LOVE them. Shamelessly.
5. I love Dancing with the Stars with absolute abandon!
6. I have a BA in French, a MS in Social Work and I am an IT professional.

I tag:
and ummm... I'm thinking.


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