Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Invited!!! And some cool new socks!

I get to join the party!! I'm JeninChicago, for those of you who are looking for new buddies on the Playground.

Also, I finished my first pair of grown up socks from Cat Bordhi's AMAZING new book.

These are the toe-up Coriolis Socks.

Time to complete: 3 weeks with a break of a week in between.

Yarn: Jojo Land Melody in the purple and green colorway. 2 balls.

Needles: US 0 / 2 mm AddiTurbos

A note about the yarn: Let me first say it is beautiful and delightful to knit with (if not microscopic 9.5 sts to the inch, 12 rpi). These socks are both made from the same color from the same dye lot. the difference is in the plying. There are three singles and each single has blue, green, pink and purple at varying times. When picking the two balls be sure that the colors are plying in a similar way. As you can see, I didn't think to check for this when I bought the yarn. One ball has the plies coming together in one color all together, making that really neat geen toe, purple arch effect. In the other ball, the other the color is more evenly distributed, making a more muted transition. I like them both, but they don't look like they came from the same yarn.

I'm sure some would say, knit with alternating balls and it will make a more homogenous pair, but 1.) that's too much work for a pair of socks. 2.) It would muddy the transitions even more.

Now a note about the heels: These are W&T (wrap and turn short rows). Clearly my purl gauge is different than my knit gauge, hence the bubble heels. On the second to last page of Cat's book, there is an explanation for how to snug up your purl sts when doing the W&T heels. Frankly, I think I prefer the short row heels from Charlene Schurch.

Finally, a Note about the Master Coriolis Pattern itself: there is a side note (one of the little yellow boxes that appear so helpfully through out the book) that explains how to make the Coriolis stripe wider.
It tells you to place marker A n number of sts from the first decrease after you've completed the arch increase. THIS IS WRONG. Place marker A n number of sts from the first k2tog when you are setting up for the arch increase. Otherwise, you'll have a swirl that's two different sizes on the foot vs. the leg.

That being said, I love these socks and the pattern is ingenious. So, I'm already on to another amazing pair from Cat. These are the Dove Socks from the same book New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One.

The yarn is BMFA - STR in Yosemite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colorway!! It's so cheery!! (Even more so in real life!) I gotta tell ya, after that JojoLand, the STR Lightweight seems positively heavyweight!! I'm loving how fast these socks are going!

I like the way the color is evenly distributed around the toe due to the short color runs and then the way it flashes across the top of the foot. If I were to give you a pic of the flip side, you'd see nothing but yellow and green on the sole where the increases begin. Yes, that V shape is the Arch increase. Soooo cool!

By the way, the dimensions in Cat's book allow you to make the most amazing fitting socks. Best I've found yet! I'm in LOVE with this new book.

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Blogger Alyssa said...

Love the socks! And the new one is looking cool too.

I just friended you on Ravelry. Yay!

2:13 PM  
Anonymous danielle said...

Welcome to the Ravelry party! Try not to forget to eat and drink while you get sucked into the vortex!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous knit chick said...

Yay! You're on Ravelry & I added you as a friend. Love the socks. Thanks for the tip on the bubble heels. I can't wait to get the book myself.

10:33 PM  
Blogger sherriknits said...

Your socks are beautiful! I, too, am totally taken by Cat's book. I can't stay out of it. She does have an errata page on her website that caught the errors.

Welcome to Ravelry, too....I will go look for you there. :)

8:28 PM  
Blogger Janelle said...

That's amazing that it's the same dye lot of the Jojoland Melody! I guess I just got lucky with the two balls I used for socks earlier this summer, they *mostly* match. Another blog friend had results similar to yours, and we discussed it, hoping that it was a fluke. Apparently not.

I'll go and look you up on Ravelry, too. I'm bioengiknitter.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Beverly said...

Janelle just pointed me to your blog and your sock woes! Both socks are just beautiful...too bad that they don't match. Isn't that Jojoland frustrating? I had the same problem....see the third post back about Monkeys on my blog. I really don't understand why they'd make a sock yarn that takes two balls and then not make sure the balls will be at least similar. Both of ours gave a totally different effect! Ugh.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Judy G. said...

So your socks are fraternal twins instead of identical twins! As long as you keep your feet moving no-one will notice the colours. (In case you haven't seen it, the movie Happy Feet would provide you with inspiration to keep from standing still.)

10:33 AM  

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