Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I swear I think finishing a project sedns me to the pinnacle of the happy bush!

Here are my Smoky Topaz Knee Socks !!!

I love the color blending at the top, and the flashing on my feet. While they don't exactly match, they're close enough that my husband asked how I made them "do that matching thing on the feet and ankles".

Yarn: STR mediumweight in Smoky Topaz

Needles: US size 1

Pattern: http://www.hjsstudio.com/kneesock.html with the foot completed using the Sensational Knitted Socks book and the Eye of Partridge heel flap. I'll get better pics of the socks laying flat as soon as the sun decides to show its face again.



  1. Go down one needle size on the cuff ribbing and ktbl on all knit sts. This will help counter the tendancy that socks have to a.) stretch b.) fall down. I ktbl-ed but I didn't drop a needle size so they slip when I walk a lot in them.
  2. Check your gauge more than once. See that unsightly little bubble behind my right calf? Yeah, that's cause my gauge is off on the second sock. I even ripped back and did it again thinking I'd done something weird. Nope. Same pattern, same row count same everything. I just got looser and looser as the sts rolled off my needles so my row gauge got all wonky. It's not different sized calves; I swear, since the sock is too big on both legs.
  3. Say it with me slowly.... these Babies are W-A-R-M!
  4. I love them anyway.


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