Sunday, August 19, 2007

Practice socks turned into.....

I bought the new Cat Bordhi sock book at stitches and it's amazing!! I followed her directions and read he first chapter before casting on. Then I RAN to my stash and grabbed some BMFA Heavyweight sock yarn and cast on as FAST as I could. (color: Rocktober)

The little socks are just amazing, the increases for the arch seem to break right over the top of the foot. I can't wait to try the next pair. Getting used to the layout of the book has been a little challenge, but then it's a whole new sock "architecture" so I'm ok with flipping around until I get the system. I'm sure you can't tell but there's a little seed stitch heart over the arch.

That little baby sock inspired me and got turned into a pair of baby socks, the Heartbreakingly Adorable Baby Kimono from Mason Dixson Knitting, and a little newborn hat from the left overs.

I have exactly 46" of yarn left from the hank. I believe they call that "Cutting It Close."

I don't know if my friend's baby will be a boy or a girl, so I haven't chosen ribbon for the Kimono yet. Love the BMFA heavy weight for this application. Start to finish on the whole set? 1 week.

Oh yeah, and I made up the hat. I wanted the roll brim to match the socks, but I didn't want it to be too loose, so I knit in St. st for about an inch and then started k3, p1 ribbing. Of 72 sts, at for the crown, start with k6, k2tog and decrease by one st until you get down to the last 9 sts. Run the yarn through the sts and weave in the end.

Love it. BTW, if anyone can send me the code for how to get my pics to be clickable again, I would really appreciate it. I am jennifer(dot)j(dot)jones(at)gmail(dot)com

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