Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Never-Ending Socks & An Inventory Story

The Chocolate Cake Socks aren't finished yet. And I'm bored. Oh my GOD I'm SOOO BORED!

Now, don't get me wrong....they're exquisitely beautiful and I love them, but Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock for TWO, count 'em TWO, Size 12 Double-Wide men's feet is killing me. For those of you who are wondering, that's 385 little teeny-tiny cable crosses in deep. dark. brown. microscopic. yarn. at. night. I'm past the second heel turn and into the gusset and I've meticulously written down every little change I made to the pattern so that they would fit my exceptionally fussy handsome husband's feet perfectly. That means I've only got 35 more rows to go once I finish the gusset and then another 20 to finish the toe. The END IS NEAR!! But damn; I'm bored.

So, last night, to break up the boredom I opened my Personal Sock Yarn Index. PSYI for short(it's got some other stuff in it, too, but it's mostly sock yarn). I played around matching patterns to yarn and added all my new Socks That Rock acquisitions. While I was sitting there, laptop in my lap, going through my spreadsheet with it's tiny print and it's many many lines, Husband happened to look over my shoulder.

Holy Crap! What the hell is that??!! Is that your Yarn Inventory??!
No. (Cause technically it isn't)
(Puzzled pause, scanning the screen)
Is it your manufaturer inventory?
(with infinite patience) OK, Dear. What. Is. It?
(in my smallest voice possible) It's my sock yarn inventory. [insert manic grin & hold for 10 counts]
Look, I've been a lot better this year than I was at this time last year. I've spent like 8 times less.
It's March!
Scroll down. (scroll, scroll... It's about 50 some lines) Oh, it's not too bad.
Yeah, most of these are just single skeins. (This was my fatal mistake)
Wait a minute. Where's the sum line?
(Shit. I tabbed over to the # of skeins column and hit the Sum button and up came the fatal number: 94)
94?! think you've got enough? don't you think you'd be better to make something with the yarn you've got than buying more?
Dude, don't even start with me. What the hell do you think I'm doing here night after night? Have you seen how many things I've finished since Christmas?? Just don't even start with me. (He can get exceptionally a tad preachy sometimes if I don't nip it in the bud )

Apparently he decided this wasn't a battle worth fighting cause he turned his head back to the TV and didn't even sigh or make a face. Let's not tell him that I still had another 8 hanks of STR in the bedroom closet that needed to be inventoried shall we....

I present my new-ish love: It's Koigu KPPPM in a lovely lemon lime color with a little peach thrown in for good measure. I want to make the Embossed Leaves Socks from the IK Winter 2005 issue. Won't they be loverly?

Also, yeah, I got my STR kit. It's OK. I'm choosing to call the colorway Rainforest rather than Monsoon, since we've already got enough dreary here in Chicago in March (as Franklin so eloquently attests to here).

Finally, I won't be in GROUP tomorrow since I've got one of my last two Operas Cosi fan Tutte so please bring your STR skeins next week, for show and tell, too!

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Blogger Alyssa said...

Once he has a lovely pair of handmade socks he won't mind the sock inventory. Also, just let him know it is insulation for the house and it is probably keeping your heating bill down. :)

We'll miss you tomorrow. Have fun at Cosi!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

I thought the STR Club colorway should have been named WICKED! after the play. That is what it reminded me of...

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Lynae said...

OMG Franklin hit it STRAIGHT on the head!

I need a Monday antidepressent for March Mondays!

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Adrienne said...

All will be forgiven once he gets his feet into those fantastic chocolate cake socks. We will miss you at Group tonight.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

This cracked me up. I can imagine having this exact same conversation if I had a husband. Of course, I also keep track of the cost (and the cost per yard), so that would be the scary column for me.

I need to update my yarn inventory, but I definitely have one - also on a spreadsheet. I'm not as obsessed with socks as you are (have sock yarn for 3 pairs - one hank technically owned by my mother for me to knit her socks). My mom just purchased 35 balls of Kathmandu to add to my inventory for the making of a cabled afghan (that's 3640 yards of yarn). I tend to accumulate great masses of 1 yarn. I have very little where I have less than 1600 yards of something, and mostly is more than 2000 yards of something. I counted recently in an less than 6 months I've accumulated a stash of about 150 skeins/hanks/balls of yarn. I'm not on a buying hiatus, but I'm tyring not to buy without a specific purpose that can't wait for some reason (gifts, for example).

4:04 PM  

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