Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finally! & The Harlot Letter

And the Heavens opened up and the Angels sang a chorus of Alleluja! for Husband's Chocolate Cake Socks were finished!
I made it all the way to the toe of the second sock and realized that I'd missed an increase round immediately after the cuff.... [sigh] I didn't even blink [I'm quite proud of myself, you know], I walked over to the swift and just started reskeining the whole bloody thing right then and there.

That was two weeks ago. In the meantime, I've learned how to use the sewing machine my husband gave me for christmas 2 years ago, made a HUGE 6x8 foot banner for an idjit sketch that we had to do at work, run two Lunch& Learn Sessions with very little planning and a semi-hostile audience (it's wonderful inheriting and cleaning up someone else's mess), fertilized my garden, anti-rabbit and deered my garden and managed to start working out again. So, frankly, I think I've done quite well.

Husband loves his socks, I didn't have to rip back anything else once I got rolling for the third time. Any errors in the teeny tiny moss stitch between the cables is going to be our little secret cause I can guarantee that Husband ain't ever gonna know about it. If the sock was too small, (like 11 sts in circumference smaller than the 1st one to small), he'd know it. But little tiny moss stitch? Nope. Or that one of the cable rows is two rows longer than the 17 other cable rows.... nuh-unh.

And. We're. Not. Going. To. Tell. Him.... Are We??. I didn't think so.

Whew. So glad that's over. But they really are beautfiful and I'm embarassed to say that I can't wait to start more socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, even though it's so tiny, the fabric just comes out beautifully!

So here are the details:
Pattern: Sensational Knitted Socks - 3x3 Cable with Moss Stitch
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - Chocolate Two balls and a stupid arse little bit of a Third for 1 pair of size 12 men's EE feet, but they go half way up his claves.
Needles: US 0, 2 mm
Time to Complete: 6 weeks for three socks with other stuff in between.

On another note, I took the following letter over to the Border's in Oak Brook along with some turnout pics from the Harlot's previous book tours just so's they'd know what they were up against.

Dear Mr. or Ms. Event Coordinator,

I just wanted to drop a friendly note to give you a heads-up about an impending book signing.

Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, author of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting will be coming to your location on April 3rd, 2007.

Fondly known as the Yarn Harlot by her fans, Ms. Pearl-McPhee is a regular blogger (
www.yarnharlot.ca) with over 7,000 subscribers as recorded by Bloglines.com. Often, when this author arrives for a signing, the hosting location is unfamiliar with her work and the popularity of same.

I would hate to find you caught in a bind with not enough books to sign or space set aside for Ms. Pearl-McPhee’s fans to attend and hear her speak. Last night, March 22, 2007, the Yarn Harlot spoke in New York City at The Fashion Institute of Technology in an auditorium that holds 750 people. I imagine pictures of the turn out will be up on her blog tomorrow or Saturday.

As an interested supporter and fan, I have included a few pictures of her book signings from last year’s book release in an effort to help you understand the sheer numbers of people that come to her signings.

Please feel free to contact me directly at the number listed below if you have any further questions as I would like to see this be a successful event for both Borders and the Yarn Harlot.

Jen in Chicago insert real contact info here if you feel like it

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Anonymous Lori said...

1. Those socks totally look like chocolate cake and I simply must get some of that yarn, so I can crave chocolate cake when I totally copy you and knit those!

2. That Harlot letter totally rules!

10:51 PM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

The chocolate socks look wonderful! Be sure to bring them to Group tonight. :)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Did you get any response from Borders? I've just moved back to the Chicago area and am so psyched to be here in time for a visit from la Harlot, but I'm dragging my newbie knitter BFF to tonight's event and am a little concerned it will be insane (i.e., we'll have to wait hours to get a signed copy or won't have a place to sit or ...). We both have little ones at home, so we can't stay out all night or anything :)

1:40 PM  

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