Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Car and knits update

Editing to remind: tonight is GROUP night!!

I'm trying really, really hard to keep knitting on the same project until I finish it. I'm not exactly participating in the Harlot's Knitting Olypmics, but I wanted to see if I could do it. I'm still working on Ene and I'm in the middle of repeat 3 of 5 of Chart 3 and it's starting to go MUCH faster. I'll take some pics tonight and post tomorrow.

As for my Car saga, Mr. Camry called last week and said it was going to cost $498 to replace his bumper. I asked him where he went to get it looked at and he said "My Friend". Right....

Then I explained that I must talk with my husband before making a decision but that if we do choose to go with cash that I would require an estimate from his Body Shop and that he would have to sign a letter saying we are "done". Mr. Camry agreed.

Then I asked The Good Mr. Camry what year his car was and he stuttered 200...3. New car, my arse! Right... So, I decide right then and there that in the name of self-protection, I will be giving this man my insurace number and having him go through them.

DH and I discuss and I call my Agent (insurance, that is) who agrees with me and says I'm making all the right decisions, that I don't need his insurance number and that I just need to give him my info and if he chooses to file a claim, they'll call me. Sweet.

So, I called back Mr. Camry last night to tell him this and he says "I talked to my Body Shop and they say it will be $632 with labor." Right... here's my insurance number.

Now, I know that in the land where this gentleman comes from bargaining is a cultural thing. When I give him my insurance number he asks "If you would pay cash, how much? Just give me number." "$300".

"$300? Okay, I have to talk to my wife and see."

I know damn good and well that his car is not visibly damaged and that for him to file an insurance claim means a lot of extra work for him. Right about now I'm not caring a whole lot that Mr. "This-is-my-new-car!" might have to do some extra work. Harumph! I understand that it might be a New Used Car, not my problem. I do feel terrible about what happened, but I don't think he needs $600 of my dollars for it and especially if he took his Two-Thousand-and-Three Camry to his "Friend" and wouldn't tell me the name of the shop.

Sorry, Dude, I don't want to steal from you, but I don't want to be stolen from either.

DH, wanted me to give the guy a really hard time and get his insurance number et al and if he wouldn't give it, not to give ours... yeah. Not doing that. I want this done, over and dealt with. I'll keep you posted.


Blogger knit_chick said...

Hope you had fun at GROUP.

Sorry that you have to go through such a headache regarding the car. He's probably going to claim that a 2 year old rusty scratch was from the accident, too.

8:23 PM  

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