Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tag I'm it!

Thanks to Alyssa for tagging anyone with a blog who comes to visit hers..... kinda ;-p

So here goes:
4 Jobs I've had
Nanny for 4 beautiful French children
Library Data entry intern at the Indiana U. School of Music Library (zzz....)
Project Manager for infrastructure
Therapist - Niles Family Services

4 Movies I Love
Legally Blonde (power to the blonde girl!)
The Incredibles (power to the intact family in a Disney movie!... that's rare)
Downfall (recent German docu-drama about the last 10 days of the Third Reich as written and experienced by Hitler's secretary Traudle Junge)
The Bone Collector (Denzel.... nuf' said. And I love that Angelina Jolie plays smart women even tho she's a little nutz herself)

4 TV shows I watch (this does not include the innumerable Discovery /History/ War Channel shows that are watched by DH, and listened to by me, while I knit. These are the shows for which I put down my knitting.)
Dancing with the Stars (love that show!!)
Most Haunted (Travel Channel on Friday night)
Supernatural (yes, I'm a sucker for monster shows... especially whenthey recycle monster costumes from my favorite show of all times which is....)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I own seasons 1-6 on DVD. It's true: I have no shame)

Places Lived
Chicago, IL (birth 'til 21 years, then 23-31. What can I say I'm a Chicago girl? I just pretend I still live in the city... )
Bloomington, IN (for two painfully long semesters. I said I was a city girl, right??)
Paris, France (Age 21-22)
Wheeling, IL (I love my little suburban garden :) and you'll notice that the biggest news on their website is the new Metra schedule... [sigh])

Places vacationed
Door County, WI (so pretty)
Barcelona, Spain (1993, right after the Olympics, they hated tourists)
Rome, Florence, & Venice, Italy (of the three, Venice was the most icky, while Florence I thought was more beautiful and less touristy, but Rome's got a corner on the Antiquities)
Napa Valley, CA (Sonoma is way more picturesque and right around the bend. Napa is actually pretty industrial, surprised the heck outta me!)

Daily Websites
Crazy Aunt Purl hilarious
See Eunny Knit great tech knitting talk
Body Wisdom by Lani helped me get away from too much dangerous dieting
Yarn Harlot makes me feel organized
there are so many more but that will do for now...

smooches and happy day!


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