Monday, March 20, 2006

Pride & Prejudice

Sorry folks, but I've left my sync cable for my camera at home this morning so, no photos. I've started Lady Eleanor from Scarf style in Noro Silk Garden no. 228 on size US 7 needles. I would rather have made her wider, but I'm half-way into ball three of ten so there's no turning back now. I'm definitely going to work her up for a couple of friends, she's soooo beautiful.

I recieved my Virtual Yarns order on Friday!! Hooray! and oh my goodness the yarn is really soft. So this morning, I took a bunch of pictures in the morning light of "Still life with box of yarn and pattern artfully arranged" and when I got to work, no sync cable. Bah! So, sorry. You'll be getting pics tomorrow. :(
In other news this morning, I saw about 5 minutes of the Today Show before I left for work. They did this really interesting piece with a security expert on Protecting Your Children. They got a Mother and her 7 year old daughter to cooperate. There was a security truck with cameras right nearby from which the mother sat and watched the procedings. The question they were asking was "Stranger Danger: Who will help your child?"

The Security Expert was a gentlman who was a child saftey expert who looked like a strongly-built Latin American man. The little girl was Caucasian. She was standing on the sidwalk on a lightly trafficked street, playing her Game Boy (or whatever the electro-thing-y of the moment is) when he would march up to her and loudly proclaim "You should never get away from me like that again! Stay with me!" while grabing her arm and marching her off. The little girl meanwhile would start screaming "Help!! Somebody help me!! You're not my Dad!!" over and over while trying to pull away.

There were 4 sets of people they showed just walking by: one middle aged caucasian couple, one 30 something man with a ~9 yr old boy - non-caucasian, a younger caucasian couple and a 30 something single woman. None of them stopped. They all looked back over their shoulders, but none of them stopped or got involved.

You know who did?.... Three, early-twenties, casually dressed African American young men. They walked by, looked back, stopped, watched for a moment, then fanned out and closed in on the guy. Think on that for a moment and think about your prejudices.


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Can't wait for photos! What color are you using?

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