Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Just a little catch up blogging for the holidays...

Here is all they yummy yarn I bought in Italy. The colors are pretty true, and that's Mr.Whiskers . He's headed for the sweet fuzzy yarniness (he's not even the yarn eater in the family).

Here's what happens when you buy yarn from a fancy shop in Italy. You get a cool little cedar button in a bag that says "Against the Moths". How cool is that?

After that we have pics of yummy Lorna's Laces sock yarn and some LL Helen's Lace. Does Jen knit lace, too?, you might ask. Well, I sure try, but darn if it ain't a pain in the booty! All that counting and frogging?! Yeah, I'm just learning lace and darnit, I think it should be easier than it is. I'm working on Ene's Scarf from Scarf style and I'm on row six and I have to frog it.... sigh.

I've been having a lot of challenges regarding frogging lately. I guess this part is where I spend six months rebelling against doing a gauge swatch and learning the hard way that you just can't get around it. I've done a couple more recetnly and so that character flaw of mine seems to be getting better.

That being said, here is a pics of the socks I'm designing for DH for Christmas. They too came from the faboo shop in Italy. They're Cashmere and Merino from Lana Gatto on size 1's. They're going to be plenty warm for his little tootsies since they make my hands sweat when I'm knitting!

Now to distract you from my lack of FO's with some gratuitous kitty pics.
Kitty #1 in the basket....

Kitty #2 deciding if he should be in the basket with Kitty #1...

Kitty #2 in the basket.... (kitty #1 wasn't interested in sharing the claustrophobic space so he got out.)

Happy Turkey Day festivities to you all!



Blogger Kathy said...


THe kitties are so beautiful. Yarns too, of course. Will I see you at GROUP tonight? Hope so.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Your kitties and yarns are wonderful!

Man I can't read my calendar because I thought next Tuesday was GROUP...great so I missed out again! What did I miss?

11:16 AM  

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