Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back from ROMA!

Well friends,

We're back. We walked and walked and walked and walked. We both lost visible weight we walked so much while in Rome. That's cool... Not cool? Sweaty. 100% humidity. 2-3 showers per day.

Cool: Roman Pizza -- Not Cool: Black bogies in your nose from riding the metro
Cool: Ancient Roman ruins EVEYRWHERE Not cool: Two hour wait lines to get into the Vatican
Cool: Going to the Vatican at 12:00 when everyone else is having lunch Not Cool: finding that the hall with the sculpture you want to see is only open in the morning.
Cool: Roman fashion Not cool: Being so not in line with Roman fashion
Cool: Roman fashion Not cool: no one wears deodorant
Cool: Climing to the top of Palatine hill to see Cesar Agustus' home (it's not a palace, those who came after him were big on palaces.
Not cool: Waiting too long to eat, not feeling hungry but having a random crying jag for no reason. DH says: "Uh, do we need to get you something more to eat??" "I don't know!!" I wail.

Cool: DH found a really cool yarn shop in Rome "Lana Gatto" which you can get online here but only through 1 or2 distributors and not in nearly the selection. For my darling knitting friends who asked me to take pictures of yarn: Here you go. If I'd been faster I would've gotten the nice lady in the shop waving at you all, but I wasn't fast enough. BTW, "yummy" and "oooohh, alpaca and cashmere" translates in any language cause I made the shop lady laugh.

Earlier that day we were at our hotel and I pulled out my trusty list of Roman Yarn Shops that I'd gotten from Frankly, very few of the shops listed were on streets that were necessarily accessible for a tourist. The congierge lady at our hotel was looking at the socks I was working on and was concerned that I needed to match the yarn I was using for the project. Here's the best part: DH piped up and said "Oh, no, she needs yarn for OTHER projects." Did you catch that? He didn't say "wants", he said "Needs". Cool. So as we were walking along headed in the general direction of the shop listed at (which incidentally isn't there anymore), DH said "Hey, isn't THAT yarn?" Pointing at two very yummy, puffy looking balls of something bulky in the traditional dumpling shape in the window of a shop. "YES!!" "Who do you love??" "You, baby, you!

So, there we were in the shop and I was fingering some fingering weight wool regular wool after picking some cashmere and alpaca for myself. I asked DH if he wanted me to make him some socks (he doesn'tt wear sweaters). He touched wha tI was holding and said "Sure, but I ain't cheap sistah, if you're gonna make me some socks, you better head back over to the other side of the store where you picked yourself some cashmere!" I laughed and back we went. I convinced him that cashmere woudl wear through pretty quickly and and that we should get him a wool blend so he picked a wool / cashmere blend in a yummy burgundy color. Sorry the light in these pic isn't so good, the light in the shop was pretty crappy unless you were under one of the spots. Interestingly, this shop sold ready to wear sweaters, knits and yarn but no needles... hmmm... I wonder where you get needles if you're in Rome?

Ohh!! I forgot to tell you we went to the Vatican and in Honor of the Yarn Harlot, the sock made an appearance with the Vatican Guard! DH was so embarrassed that he had to walk away while I took the picture! I love being a knitting geek. Only thing is I have another pair that I'm planning on that would have matched almost perfectly with their uniforms. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

Anyway, that's probably good for tonight. I'll post more pics tomorrow.


Anonymous knit chick said...

I'm still hyperventaliating from the photos of the yarn! Sounds like a great trip!

No deodorant... I wonder if they are thinking "What is with all these Americans? They all smell powder fresh!"

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a great time, especially the all the yarn.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...


Ohhhh I love the Vatican guy. So cool. Cannot wait to see the Vatican sock! You can wear them on HOLY Thursday!

Very happy you married such a great guy.

Thanks for all the photos taken!

Frugal Hungarian from Irisheyesmust know, did the costs compare to home, minus the exchange rate factor....

12:20 PM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

That yarn store is so fancy looking -- I feel like Dieter from Saturday Night Live should be standing by the counter asking "do you want to touch my alpaca?" :)

8:51 PM  

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