Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finally some pics!

I know reading a blog is boring without pictures of WIPs. So here you go. Last night was our WWW Knitting Group. We had a good laugh about just calling it Group, since it sounds so much like an addiction group and in many ways that's just what it is only the purpose isn't to wean ourselves!

Alright. Here's the last one of the baby sweater, I promise. I'm just so durned proud of it. This is what finally got sent off to my friend and her baby.

She just called me and was sooo excited, that's what makes all those bloody little stitches worthwhile.

I'm also proud of the seams
but what's more important is this: here is a picture of the BEAUTIFUL little girl who might honor me by wearing my creation if she'll let her Mommy put it on her when it gets a little colder. :) She is 8 months in this pic and her Mommy says the sweater is a little frumpy on her right now because it's still too big, but that's okay because she'll grow out of it in a heartbeat and the weather is still 900 degrees in St. Louis where this Beauty lives. She has her Mommy's smile... :)

Okay next on the agenda, the "Dad Hat". Now for those of you who know me, you already know that I have one of the biggest melons around. (Hmmm, maybe I should refer to my head as my Noodle from now on to avoid potential misunderstandings about the size of my.... never mind) So, I've got a big noodle. I got it from my Dad... That being said, I made the largest hat in the Handy Book of Patterns (23"). Well, I'm all finished (see pic below) and the hat is very loose. It's even big on DH's head and he's got a big ole' brainum-cranium, too. It's made out of Plymouth Yarns super yummy-licious Baby Alpaca, so, last night I asked at WWW Group if everyone thought I should just throw it in the wash and let it felt "a little". then I talked to Darling Mumsy this afternoon and she suggested (horror of horrors!) swatching before I felt!! I hate it when she's right. My other option is to re-knit the whole thing one size smaller since it only took me two days anyway. Hmmm... I am a little afraid of the whole felted hat thing, but DH says the hat feels kind of thin anyway. I haven't woven in the ends yet pending this decision.

Oh yeah, and I'm also working on a scarf for Dad, too. I had the scarf yarn first and I'm quite pleased with how the purple in the scarf matches so nicely with the purple of the hat. (I did that on purpose. :)) I made up the scarf pattern because I only had one hank of this Little Lola Superwash sock yarn from Schaeffer and I picked a "Guy-ish" pattern from Barbara Walker's pattern book Vol 1. It's called Totem Pole for those of you who care to look it up.

I just had a really cool thought. I bought all that beautiful Brooks Farm yarn (see Stitches Midwest below) to make the Garden shawl from but then I was flipping through the Scarf Style book and realized that I have enough yarn (1500 yds) to complete the Lady Eleanor Stole. Scarf Style was the first pattern book I ever bought and I bought it for that pattern anyway! Further, I'm thinking the Brooks Farm yarn I bought is so variegated that I would lose the Garden shawl pattern, and it's sport weight, not lace weight, so I'd probably end up with a blanket rather than a shawl.

Thoughts? Opinions? Which one should I do? If I do the Stole, I'd have enough yarn left over for a pair of fingerless gloves and an Entrelac hat too. Do you think that would be too much?

Oh yeah, speaking of entrelac, I've started the Market Squares bag for Auntie B and umm, the book doesn't really give you entrelace lessons so I've had to go to (I love my pop-up blocker!) where they have some really great entrelac instructions. Here's a pic of both my first attempt and the colors I'll be using for this bag. The yarn is Jo Sharp DK on super sale from

Fuzzy yarn smooches, more tomorrow! jen


Anonymous Carol (KR-himimom) said...


I love the baby's adorable!

I think the Lady Eleanor is a better choice for the Brooks Farm yarn. The Garden Shawl is all about the pattern and it might get a lost with the varigation and heavier weight of the yarn.

I noticed the book didn't give any instructions for the entrelac. I still have that other sock I need to I hope you learn it well :)

10:13 AM  

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