Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sometimes you just gotta laugh...

Irisheyesknitters will appreciate this one. I stopped by a local knitting shop Friday where the proprietess is not all that "warm n' fuzzy", as we like to say.

I needed something specific that only she had. I have since discovered that another local shop carries said yarn but it is a little out of my way.

So, Gentle Reader, our protagonist (that's me) was standing at the counter and said Proprietess was taking my trusty Master of the Charge card. On the back of said card I have signed my Jane Hancock and written Please check ID. Our good proprietess follows the instructions and asks for ID, for which I thank her.

She then looks at my permit to operate a motorized vehicle and states "Wow. Nice picture. Who is she?"

Silly, thoughtless woman ... from now on I'll be paying for the extra gas to the other shop.


Blogger Margaretx said...

And she used to get so much money from us! Too bad, I thought she just hired stupid people, but I guess there's a reason she hires who she hires.


8:16 PM  

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