Friday, August 12, 2005

It's finished!! It's finished!

Alright so I'm supposed to be leaving for work right now.... but here are some pics. Later I'll put up pics of the seaming. I'm really proud of this sweater since I've never done anything so advanced before and it's the first garment I've put together. In this first shot you get a really good look at the pretty mother -of-oearl flower buttons I picked for it.

For those discerning viewers who have noticed that the back seems longer than the front, it's true. I'm calling that my "baby butt cover"... maybe I'll even copyright it or something. (Must check into that.)

Now that I'm looking at the pics, I'm thinking that I really should wash it and block it one more time (I only steamed the pieces when I blocked them). That would probably ease someof the unevenness in the finished sweater. Thoughts?

HOOORAYY!!!!! Oh yeah, and I'll put up a pic of the beautiful baby girl it's intended for later tonight.


Blogger Laurie B. said...

OMG!! It's so gorgeous. I'm going with the baby butt cover, which is just perfect for the baby whom this sweater is intended, since she has a little, tiny baby butt! I have got to get up earlier, so I can reach the level of stuff that you are doing. It's so great!! :-)

La :-)

11:57 PM  

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