Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Christmas Knitting has begun!

Well, I finally did it. I SENT the baby sweater. I washed and blocked it and it came out beautifully.

Now I'm working on Christmas presents and such. I promise to post more pics tonight after Knit Grp! I'm thinking a scarf and hat for Dad (sounds boring, I know, but wait until you see the yarn and the scarf pattern :))

Mom, well, Mom reads the blog so I can't put her present up here. ;D (She hates surprises!)

Auntie B? I'm thinking the Market Squares bag out of Jo Sharp wool that I got on sale from Elann a while ago. I've already test felted a swatch and it felts up beautifully. It's even soft!! I started knitting on it last night.

Hmm... who else? Brother Bear who's currently in Africa. Just got an email from him saying that he's well, taking his anti-malarial meds and showering in Bug Spray (yuck, but better that than sick). As for his x-mas present, I dunno.... he's got kind of funky taste so maybe a helmet hat? Course he's also a budding lawyer so maybe something more conservative. Socks just seem so boring, even when knit with love.

Soon to be Sis-in-Law I have some ideas but nothing for sure. I did, however, ask Brother Bear what her fav colors were.

Girlfriend, already made one and have the yarn for another present, too.

Hubby? Don't know yet. I finished Dad's hat last night and even tho I knit it smaller than suggested and the gauge was right, the darm thing is still too loose. I'll have to ask for some advice tonight at WW&W Knit Grp.

So, I finished the hat and started the Market Squares bag last night. DH looked at me and said, "NOW, what are you doing??!" I said, "I'm knitting Christmas presents fromt he yarn that I already have since I don't have any money to buy anything." He nodded in thrifty approval.


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