Monday, September 25, 2006

Finished Objects!

Hi Everyone!! (waving wildly)

I apologise that I've been so absent the last couple of months. There's no excuse really so I'll just dive right back in.

I have finally finished my first sweater!! Well, almost finished, and I had A LOT of help (See above and below). It's blocking and drying on the guest bed. I haven't attached the big glass button that I bought for it, but I've got the shank thread all ready. I just have to go through my stash of old buttons and find a good sized backing button.

Pattern: This sweater is from the Fall Vogue Knits 2004.
Yarn: Thaki Ghost Print on sale from Webs. Normally $18.95 ball, I got it for $7.95 each at Stitches
Needles: US Size 10 circs (I always go down 2 sizes)

Well, I adjusted the pattern (don't I always?) I made it a little longer than it was originally. I added about 4 inches to the bottom. The patttern was originally designed as a drop shoulder and I made it a set-in sleeve. I only had to rip out one sleeve and re-do it so that's a good thing. Also, at the suggestion of Alyssa, I added a button loop (which you can't see here). I've set it on the inside so that if I don't want to wear the button, I can tuck the big honkin' button loop inside the sweater. I made i-cord fromthe Ghost print. It looks pretty cool. We'll see how it fits.

It is difficult being a sweater model, you know. The expectations to stay awake next to said sweater are just too much to bear and require snuggling up and preparing for sleep. (Never mind that the sweater is virtually soaking wet!)

Another FO, socks from earlier this summer in conjunction with the Koigu eater of the house... Notice the tentative nose work while Mama takes a picture.
YARN: Yes, it's Koigu.
Needles: size 0 US (a little too small for the yarn, makes a yarn stiff fabric)
Pattern: Twisted rid stitch (KTBL on all knit sts, which causes the ribbing to pullback together after each washing) and Eye of Partridge Heel from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Finally, a swatch for a lace sweater that I love but I'm not so sure I want an entire sweater in this pattern. What do you think? Too many purl bumps between the motif abnds? The yarn is Blue SKy Alpaca/Silk in color Kiwi (it's actually a lot greener like split peas before they're cooked). The Pattern is from that really cool Japanese pattern book.

Next up? Sizzle from Wendy Bernard. I also swatched for the Everyday Tweed sweater last night. The Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed is divinely soft once it's been washed, Interestingly, though, there's a fair bit of vegetal matter in the yarn which seems pretty silly to me. Hunh, well, we'll see how my gauge is once it's all dry....


Blogger Alyssa said...

Yea! Congrats on the sweater - Can't wait to see it in person:)

Missed you at Group last week:(

11:18 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Your first sweater? That gives me such hope, I thought you had been knitting for years and knit scads of sweaters. Your kitties are sooooo cute, I'm glad to finally see them.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

The sweater looks great. I still haven't knitted a sweater, unless you count baby sweaters.

Those are some awfully cute kitties. So fluffy! I'm usually glad that mine are short-haired (less vacuuming, less brushing, etc), but when I see how cute the long-haired ones can be... sigh.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kittie pix! Thank you!

That is a beautiful pattern on the swatch for your next sweater. I can't fault the color it is luscious. Have fun!

1:04 AM  

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