Thursday, June 29, 2006

Out of Touch

Sorry, I've been so out of touch lately. Also, I'm in the Deep South right now, where we only have dial-up at my inlaws so posting pics is um, let's just say it's not an option right now.

I've had a lot going on both exciting and nerve-wracking.
Gosh, there's so much I want to show and tell you all that I don't know where to begin...

I'm still working on the Lotus Blossom Tank. I've finished the lace and the front and I put it on waste yarn and tried it on. It fit!!... Whew.... It's going to be sooooo pretty. I'm excited. I'm now working on the back and I have to do 9 inches of stockinette, not-in-the-round, using two balls of hand wrecking cotton. Ugh. I’m up to about 5 inches here.

I can’t wait for this to be finished. I totally need to put sleeves on it though, and then I need to get off my extra-round duff and start working out again, cause this just ain’t alright!!

My mom came into town last week for our annual Enormous Birthday Bash (more later), so we've been hanging out. We were going to go to knitting class last thursday at 3 Bags Full but then DH asked if I wanted to go look at a new car.

Now, you know you’re a knitting addict when you have to stand there and THINK about whether to go car shopping or go to knitting class.

Hence the following conversation:

“ I can’t believe you have to THINK about whether to go to knitting class or to buy a new car!!!!” says DH

“OOOHHHHHH!! BUY a new car, why didn’t you say so??! Before you said, ‘look’”.
(Dear reader, I need help on these bloody sleeves and just looking at a new car wasn’t my idea of fun.)

“Well, if they won’t give it to us for invoice, then we’re walking away.”

“Oh, of course we are. I’m not interested in paying more than invoice either.”

“OK, so when can you come home?” (I was getting ready for work, you see)

As early as possible, but probably around 4:00. (Dear Friends, I made it until exactly 3:10 p.m. and then said to my co-workers, “I can’t standit anymore, I’m going home”.)

It wasn’t until quite a while AFTER I woke up and had the above conversation with my wonderful husband that I remembered that it was my birthday that day!! (Crazy Aunt Purl and I are exactly the same age…. we share a birthday) And only then because my mom remembered and wished me Happy Birthday. Sheesh, think I’m a little busy?

Later, around 2:00, DH called to see when I was coming home and said “How’s things today?”

“Well, it’s my birthday….” I said quitely.

“Oh. Yeah. It is your birthday isn’t it?? (chuckle) Happy Birthday.” We were both so wrapped up in the whole buying a car thing that we totally forgot.

So, we went to the dealership and DH was standing in the lot grousing about how he wasn’t going to deal with “Slick” and blah blah blah bluster bluster bluster. I walked into the Building with Mom and walked up to the desk with The Lady and several salesmen standing around. (You know there’s always a desk with “A Lady” in the Dealership).

“HI!!!” says I, in my most cheerful voice.

“Hi!” Say the wary looking salesmen and The Lady (who incidentally, looks like she smokes too much)

“I need to talk to your most laid back salesperson.”

“Why?” mutter the even more aprehensive looking salespeople.

At this point Dear Reader, I turn around and point to my husband who is out in the lot yapping on his phone looking very serious (he was making party plans for the upcoming weekend).

“Because my husband hasn’t had dinner yet.”

This broke the ice and made everyone laugh. At which point a kind of schlumpy gentleman named Mike introduced himself with “I’ll do it... Hi, I’m Mike and I’m laid back.”

He was even gracious enough to walk out into the parking lot and introduce himself to my husband and say “Hi. I’m Laid Back.”

Three hours and much laughter later, we drove out with the car we wanted which we had paid invoice price for. Oh yeah, and we were starving….

Here’s a little more knitting for your viewing pleasure. Oh yeah, and my Innishmore yarn came.


Anonymous knit chick said...

Congrats on the new car. With the money you saved, you should buy some yarn to celebrate. ;)

2:30 PM  

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